Hello, I'm Sylvia. I like to hack on things.

In my spare time I love to contribute to Free Software, play video games and listen to music (primarily Metal and Electronic).

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Currently, my main projects are the following. Check my GitHub to see everything I've been up to lately.


Get it on IzzyOnDroid Get it on Google Play Get the APK from GitHub

An Android app to manage loyalty cards with.

Raise To Answer

Get it on Google Play Get the APK from GitHub

Simply hold your phone to your ear to answer an incoming phone call. Or flip it upside down to decline.

Contact me

  • XMPP - sylvia@chat.retro-freedom.nz
  • Matrix - @SylvieLorxu:matrix.org
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  • Email (randomly generated name for anti-spam) - web.qvyny@sylviavanos.nl
  • When contacting me, please tell me how you found me, or you may be ignored.